NASHVILLE TRAX Recording Studio

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Nashville Trax is a  recording studio the Nashville studio pros call home. It's the destination for singers, songwriters and independent artists who are seeking the highest-quality recording services using professional session musicians.

E-mail [email protected] to inquire about having a master quality single or album produced; a demo made of an original song; video services or to inquire about adding instrument tracks played by Nashville session musicians to your self-produced project; or live performance tracks for on-stage use,.
Nashville Recording Studio Nashville Trax mixing board

You're standing right there. Listening. It's your music playing back, and man, it sounds better than you ever thought it could!

The musicians are high fiving, the friend you brought with is grinning ear-to-ear and life isn't just good, it's GREAT!

Let's ROCK! 615-319-8616

Congratulations to client Dan Thompson! His single Miles and Miles, produced by Nashville Trax  and distributed by Sony, is blowing up on country radio!

Find out more about both the climb of this song through the radio charts, and the "Miles and Miles" sessions done here at Nashville Trax on our blog.

"I wasn't happy with the results from several other Nashville studios I tried- professional sounding but bland, perfunctory and uninspired.

Poking around the web I ran across the Nashville Trax site and something told me they just might be the right studio.

When I received the first six Nashville Trax mixes back I was completely astounded. Finally, I was hearing the magic I knew was there! It was far beyond my expectations,

The 80 + demos and associated live shows in Nashville I've done with producer Bill Watson and his team of musicians has been the single greatest experience of my life and that's saying something!" Jon Smith,  Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Drum Room at Nashville Trax
Quality drum kit, no setup required!  Zildjian cymbals available, not pictured because session drummers prefer to use their own.

We provide recording time only, or complete turnkey music production for singers, songwriters, and others.

We offer the option of recording your songwriting efforts as Nashville style song demos, a Limited Release CD Project or as a Master recording.

We also offer our "Tracks Online" service which gives you the option of adding our musician's talents to your home-produced project  with Drum Tracks Online, Fiddle Tracks Online, Steel Guitar Tracks Online, Vocal Tracks Online and more. No need to worry if your rough is "good enough." Like Jesus, we'll meet you where you are. See the "More" tab menu above.

Nashville Trax also offers professional Video Services for promotion of your completed song, promotion of your album or to promote you as an artist. Your music does not have to be recorded at Nashville Trax to use our video services. Placement of your video across all popular social media platforms is also available.

Just tell us what you're in need of! WE CAN DO IT!
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"After 22 years of writing and recording it's nice to FINALLY find a home at Nashville Trax and a music producer in Bill Watson who only accepts the best out of me ." - Brian Bergquist, Manitoba, Canada.


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"Hey! I finally listened with headphones...The singer is great. He has a lot of expression and makes the song fun.The rap part is terrific! I love the drums, especially the house kick drum that comes in on the chorus. The organ is fabulous, kind of gives the song an underlying rock sound.

The lead guitar is great (reminded me of Paisley or Urban). Love the bass!
 I sort of play the bass so I  really love the bass line you played, Bill. I really like the lead into the Norad bit and of course, the Norad bit itself is awesome!


The mix is really clean and the song proliferates with rich tones and multiple interesting layers. FABULOUS JOB! Please thank everyone who worked on it for me."


Hear Robyn's song for yourself: Give "Santa On Strike" a listen

Do you need a Nashville Recording Studio? A Nashville music producer? Instrument Tracks or Vocals to add to your home recording or studio project?

Work with the #1 music producer in Nashville at transforming extremely rough work into professional sounding recordings! Listen to the before/afters on our blog!

Songwriters, singers, music publishers: Nashville Trax is THE Nashville recording studio ALL about making YOU and YOUR songs sound professional!

We also offer instrument tracks ADDED TO YOUR SONG played by Nashville session players and session vocalists! Both are available under the "More" tab menu above!

  • Pro Tools HD recording format, the choice of most pro studios worldwide!
  •  Over $100,000 worth of Pro Tools HD2 Plug Ins 
  • Country setting 15 minute's drive from Music Row
  • Plenty of parking on site
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Event ASP8 Precision Studio Monitors 
  • JBL 4208 Reference Monitors
  • Dual  Mac visual monitors for mix and edit windows
  • PAZ Analyzer. a 68-band visual of your mix
  • Multiple Large Diaphragm Condensor Microphone selection for quality vocals
  • Avalon 737 and Presonus preamps
  • Full drum kit w/microphones, ready to rock
  • And then there's the... no, too much to tell, you'll just have to hear it to believe it!

Click the middle arrow  in the pic below to see an automatic slideshow of the plugins, isolation booth and other gear available to make you sound FANTASTIC  at the #1 of all Nashville Recording Studios, Nashville Trax.

  • Nashville Trax Control Room and Mixer Board
    Spacious Control Room
  • Fiddle Tracks For Hire  Online Over The Internet
    Professional Talent
  • HEQ-1 Pro Tools software plug in ar Nashville Trax
    Amazing Software
  • Kick Srum used in Drum Tracks for hire online at Nashville Trax
    Microphones Suited To The Application
  • Waves Guitar Tool Rack at Nashville Trax
    Software Based Guitar Stomp Boxes To Dial In Just The Right Tone For Your Song
  • C 24 Studio mixing board at Nashville Trax
  • Maxim compression Pro Tools software plug in ar Nashville Trax
  • Cindy Adamds banjo tracks for hire online at Nashville Trax
  • WavesVocal Rider Pro Tools software plug in ar Nashville Trax
    Automatic Vocal Rider Plug In
  • Event Studio Monitors at Nashville Trax
  • T-Rax Pro Tools software plug in ar Nashville Trax
  • API channel strip Pro Tools software plug in ar Nashville Trax
  • Jennifer Dixon country and blues vocalist for hire @ Nashville Trax
    Nashville Session Singers
  • Jenee Fleenor Fiddle Tracks For Hire Online at Nashville Trax
    World Class Musicians
Nashville Trax Control Room and Mixer Board
Spacious Control Room


Performance Tracks! Individual instrument files of your favorite hit songs or your original songs for you to perform live with or record with! Make BIG $ performing at events using our tracks!

Coming Soon: 

Mastering! We offer mastering now on projects recorded here and will soon begin offering mastering services on any mix no matter where it was done!