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Banjo Tracks Online

from Nashville Recording Studios, Nashville Trax

""Bill, The banjo tracks are ridiculously great. I'm speechless. Amazing performance. Amazing recording. Amazing"-Composer/producer Steve M. Los Angeles, CA.

How cool would it be to have YOUR banjo track played on the VERY SAME banjo the original recording of "Rocky Top" was played on? Order your track from Nashville Trax and you can! It will give your project instant street cred and can be part of a great  press release to help fuel your project promotion!

While you listen to Aaron play some five string, here's the story:

Aaron purchased THE Sonny Osbourne Gibson Mastertone, the very one played on Rocky Top, from Osbourne himself while playing random gigs and mowing lawns on the side. He was hired to mow Sonny's lawn and they hung out after each visit. 

Eventually then-retired Sonny, feeling the instrument should be played, asked Aaron if he'd like to take it out on his gigs. 

These days Aaron has a great steady position playing with bluegrass icon, Rhonda Vincent, that has allowed him to purchase the instrument for the bargain basement price of $150,000! And yes, he uses it on our sessions!

If you're going to spend money on a banjo part, be sure you get the BEST! We have the best!

Need a banjo track for your at-home recorded song project? It's EZ with banjo Tracks Online! 3 simple steps and it's a done deal. See details in the sidebar at your right. Then click the top "buy now" button to order your banjo track.

Does this really work out? Yes it does:

Regarding the banjo track we did for client Josh Rust on 2-25-15: "Wonderful job!!! Thanks!!! Josh Rust, Washington


Hi Bill. Thanks for the great sound on the "A month of Tuesdays"! Please let Aaron know he is awesome on Banjo. I am letting everyone know about Nashville Trax!

Hello! Hope you are doing well today. 

Thought you might like to hear how I put your special touch to work in my recent demo. 

Here´s the link:

Thanks a bunch for the great work on the banjo track  via  your Banjo Tracks Online service!  Got another one coming in a couple weeks, if all goes according to plan. 


Sloan Dalley

Thanks, the banjo track sounds awesome!


Why order from us?  We have proven pro quality session players, playing on a professional quality instrument through quality gear, including expensive instrument-specific microphones, pre-amps and compressors.

Banjo players around the country offer tracks over the Internet. But they will likely not be professional session musicians and the results just might make you realize why cousins shouldn't marry...does Deliverance ring a bell?

Why settle for a semi-pro when a session quality player is a few clicks away?

Get the best!

Pay less get less. Pay more you'll still get less!

 *Regular rate is $125 per banjo track. Discounts for two or three songs.

From Grammy winning producer, Charles Brotman:

Hi Bill—

Thank you so much — and thanks to your banjo player for a great job and such quick turn around. The track is perfect….


His composing/producing credits:

The Descendants (George Clooney), All About Steve (Sandra Bullock), "The Informers" ( Kim Basinger), Dateline, Oprah, Almost Live, Fools Rush In, Entertainment Tonight, Nickalodeon (Nick News), Animal Adventures, Family Works, America's Most Wanted, Prime Suspect, Rites of Passage, etc.

It's so EZ to add a banjo track, played by a Nashville professional session quality player, to your home or studio recording project, right over the Internet!

Step 1: Make an mp3 stereo mix of your project and send it to

 If you have a click (metronome track) pan it hard left and your instruments panned hard right. We can work without a click but it might be a bit tighter with.

A vocal, panned low in the mix, just audible, is extremely helpful as well.

Step 2: e-mail the MP3 mix to along with any notes.

Step 3. Pay with the "Buy Now" button to your left. Or go to and send the $125 payment to


For $125 you'll receive one banjo part.

Two songs, both needing banjo? Only $250.

Three or more? Only $365 total!