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Bass Guitar Tracks Online

from Nashville Recording Studio, Nashville Trax
If you're going to spend money on a bass guitar part, be sure you get the BEST!

                         We have the best!

Bill Watson's  bass guitar playing has been a part of the Play It Again Demos and Nashville Trax sound for most of the seventeen years Nashville Trax has been in business.

He has played on over 1,000 client demo, master and album projects. As this is being penned, songs he's played bass on are in rotation on radio stations in the U.K. Australia, Canada and the U.S.A..

 In this morning from client John Finamore on a bass guitar track he hired us to do on his song, Looking In From The Outside. "Bill, perfect fit for the song. Great job! Thanks." -John Finamore 5-29-19

In 2021 Watson's bass on the Bam and Country This albums for The Swansons helped thos album's win the Producer's Choice Award,

Want results? Doesn't it make sense to get the driving force behind other successful recording projects for your bass guitar work?
Grammy Award winner, two-time winner of the CMA Award Musician of the Year and 10 year Music Row Guitarist of the Year, Brent Mason, is featured on this in-progress mix. Brent liked Bill's bass line on this original enough to copy it and use it in his rhythm guitar track:

Here's a rockaiblly style three piece jam, with legendary session guitarist Brent Mason on guitar, Jim Riley drums and Bill Watson on bass guitar. Written by Joe Finley  ©  2017

"Something Unforgettable"  is ©  2017 Joe Finley, published by Listen Again Music (BMI) Unauthorized use is a violation of U.S. and International Copyright law. Nashville Trax musicians:  Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts) on drums; Jenee Fleenor (Blake Shelton, Martina McBride, Steven Tyler/reigning CMA Touring Musician of the Year)  fiddle and mandolin; Nashville session guitarist, Brent Mason; and Steve King (Keith Urban) on piano and B3 organ; Bill Watson, bass guitar.
On this Christian song, "Found The Truth. Watson's bass line supports the vocal, creates  tension in key spots and adds melodic ear candy, often ascending into the higher registers, all without conflicting with the other instruments or vocals:
Found the Truth MIX 1-16-15
Found The Truth is ©  2015 and Way To Go is © 2016 Winston Harold. Unauthorized use is a violation of U.S. and International Copyright law.  More details about the "Found The Truth" session, which also features Trax Online players William Ellis (drums), Mr. Johnny (sax) as well as Restless Heart guitarist Greg Jennings can be found at Found The Truth,
Drop On Inn  © 2016 Mike Martin is a sample of Watson playing bass on an upbeat modern country tune featuring other  Nashville Trax musicians Jenee Fleenor (Blake Shelton, Martina McBride, Steven Tyler/reigning CMA Touring Musician of the Year) on fiddle, Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts) on drums, Nashville session guitarist, Brent Mason and Steve King (Keith Urban) on keyboards:
Here's  Watson's playing on a on an in-progress mix of a client's song ttled Way To Go, which also features Nashville session musicians Brent Mason on guitar, Steve King on keyboards and Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts) on drums:
"A Day Without Progress" Danny Thompson (lead vocal), Tom Wild (Guitars), Bill Watson (bass), William Ellis (Drums) Steve King (keyboards) Jenee Fleenor (fiddle) Mr. Mike (harmonica):
"A Day Without Progress" © 2016 Dan Thompson. Unauthorized use is a violation of U.S. and International Copyright law.

Sundowner is © 2015 Bill Watson.
Unauthorized use is a violation of U.S. and International Copyright law.
The above bass tracks were played by Bill Watson. Other Nashville based session quality bassists are available including  Randy Smith, Dow Tomlin, Duncan Mullins and Mike Wolofsky each of whom brings a different sound and skill set to the table.

You can choose the player you prefer or order and we'll assign the correct player for your song.

Does Bass Guitar Tracks Online work? Absolutely! Ask Steve Whitaker! Steve, unhappy with bass guitar tracks he had another service do tried our Trax Online service several months ago for the first song on the album he's self producing. Song by song we've worked through his entire 12 song album. This was his comment on the most recent bass tracks (same part but recorded both direct and through an Ampeg amp) completed 05-14-15

“Hi Bill,

Got the bass tracks this morning and imported into PT.
They sound great, as always!”- Steve

Here's Steve's song with our bass guitar track:

Why order from us?  We have proven pro quality session players, playing on a professional quality instrument through quality gear.

Bass guitar players around the country offer tracks over the Internet. But they will likely not be professional session musicians. They won't likely have multiple bass guitars on hand designed for recording. And they won't have the expensive pre-amps, processors and a commercial grade mixing board designed to enhance the sound.

We create punchy, clean sounding bass guitar tracks played tight-to-the-click with energy and focus. Along with drums bass guitar is the foundation of an excellent project..

Why settle for a semi-pro playing through semi-pro recording setups?

Get the best!

Pay less get less. Pay more you'll still get less!

"Hi Bill, I did rough mix last night and was blown away by the quality. The bass line is exactly what I envisioned" -Kim Berry, Citrus Heights, CA

"Bill, I've played with Elton John's bass player Dee Murray and other bassists of his caliber,  your playing is right up there with them, "in the pocket"  and great note selection, love playing with you brother!" Nashville Trax session drummer, Greg Ewen.
"Thanks Bill! The bass guitar track is absolutely perfect, couldn't be better!! Thanks so much"- Danny McBrennan, Ireland.
"Bill, your bass track on Grace's original made the song!"- Brian Kelly. Brian is referring to his New Zealander daughter, Grace Kelly's session May, 2016
IT'S SO EZ to add a bass guitar track, played by a Nashville professional session quality player, to your home or studio recording project, right over the Internet! Any style of music can be accommodated, these guys can play anything!

Step 1: Send your rough mix .wav via or Hightail OR send an mp3 stereo mix of your project to along with any notes.

If you have a click track (optional) we definitely prefer  the click  (metronome track)
either as a separate track, or panned hard left and the rest of your mix panned hard right so we can adjust the click volume.Yes, no problem, we can work without the click but it will be easier and usually somewhat tighter with, provided your other instruments lock to it also.

A vocal, low in the rough mix, just enough to be audible is extremely helpful as well.

Step 2. Pay with the button above or via PayPal to


For $95 you'll receive one bass guitar part.


Two songs, both needing bass? Only $175.

Three or more? Only $85 each!