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Dobro Tracks Online!

from Nashville Recording Studio, Nashville Trax

The Devil In Me NOVOX
Where You'll Find Me
Kevin Post (Intoxicated & Broken Hearted)
Chicken Feed And Barb Wire
M Callahan (M Callahan)

 **Regular rate is $95 per track, 3 song minimum. But we have songs already scheduled to record. Order NOW and there is NO MINIMUM and the price is $95 for one, $85 per song for two songs or $75 per song for three!
Want  great dobro playing on your at-home recorded song project? It's so very EZ with Dobro Tracks Online!

3 simple steps and it's a done deal. You'll have your dobro!

Step 1: Make an mp3 stereo mix of your project.

Optional but may result in a better dobro track: Place 4 beats of either a metronome track or a a spoken  "1-2-3-4" upfront so the dobro can start precisely at the beginning of your song. Its okay to run a click track all the way through the song as well.

It's best to start recording the rough mix you'll send us at the very beginning of your  recording window so that when when you receive that glorious dobro file we did, you can simply push it to the beginning of your window and it will lock right in.

If you don't have a click (metronome track it's okay to send without.

Step 2: e-mail the MP3 rough mix to

Step 3. Pay from the "send money" area of to the same e-mail address or use the "Buy Now"" button to your left.


For $95 or $75 each for three songs or more, you'll receive one part with padding where there are vocals or other instruments filling and fills in any holes throughout the song as well as a solo if there's a section left open for solo steel guitar. Or e-mail instructions on how and where you want the dobro played.