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Guitar Tracks Online

from Nashville Recording Studios, Nashville Trax
Guitarists available include Brent Mason, Tom Wild, Bill Watson and Don Carr.
Unlike most instruments that need only one part per song, guitar typically has multiple parts- rhythm, lead, high and low parts, harmony parts, etc..- and those may be played on acoustic, electric, gut string, baritone...

...for that reason guitar costs a little more, but you get a LOT more! You are welcome to suggest the parts you want or you can let the player select the appropriate guitar and parts for your song. 

CHRISTIAN ROCK: Here's a sample of Bill Watson's  melodic rock lead playing, interweaving with the lead vocal. He played all guitar tracks on We Pray © 2013 Watson/Mathews.Unauthorized use violates U.S. and International copyright law. A mechanical license is available.
Track 1
Artist (Album)
GUTSTRING/ACOUSTIC:  A sample of Bill's melodic gut string and acoustic guitars on Silence is Full of Sound which is © Bill Watson/Dave Amish 2013. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use violates U.S. and International copyright law. A full version of this song and mechanical license information is posted on the Testimonials page.
Here's a song featuring Bill's gut string work titled "Jesus On My Lips" © 2017 Michael Rourke. Unauthorized use violates U.S. and International copyright law
ROCK: If your song has a need for speed Bill can Shake The World Like A Snow Globe © Bill Watson/Dave Amish 2013. Unauthorized use violates U.S. and International copyright law:

"Hey Bill, I really like the way you made the guitar cry on All Lives Matter. It enhances the song so much. In my mind and ear that guitar is crying for all the children we have lost."


One of the top 10 session guitarists in history across all genres, Brent Mason. Brent has been featured on over 1,000 major label albums and hundreds of Billboard #1 hits; on commercials for Dodge, Ford, Wrangler Jeans, Whirlpool, Revlon, Geico, the opening to NFL Monday Night Football and tons more. Also on movie and TV soundtracks: Friends, Becker, King of the Hill, The Dukes of Hazzard, A Few Good Men, The Horse Whisperer, Home Alone, Home Alone II to name a few, its a very long list...

There is a surcharge for specifically ordering Brent's work on your song. e-mail to request a quote.


MODERN COUNTRY: Here's guitarist Tom Wild, an extremely versatile, highly experienced session musician with a clip from a modern country song requiring distortion on both rhythm and lead guitars. Tom played all guitars:
Rednecks Do It Like That MIX 11-10-14
Here's Tom  following Steve King's piano solo on a swingin' jazz number, just one of his specialties:
Long term player for B.J. Thomas, Tom is fabulous on rhythm and lead guitar, acoustic or electric. He can play any style, acoustic or electric, gut string, baritone, you name it, if it's guitar he'll make it happen. Here he plays lead and rhythm on a country rock song.
"Tom is one of the most talented guitarists I know, but beyond that, one of the most decent; strong in the faith and walking it out. When I was going through a long, expensive custody battle and my songwriter friend  Jon Smith wrote this amazing song about my relationship with my father and daughter, Tom recorded this gut string solo file at home and dropped it to me to mix into this track, no charge for any of it. That pretty much says it all." - Bill Watson

Here's the song and solo Jon and Tom gifted:
And here is, Don Carr (long time member of The Oaks) on electric. This song was the very first track ever cut here using the Mojave large diaphragm condenser on vocals, Crisp and clean, able to handle Kristen's powerhouse vocals, we were all impressed. Ron (another long time Oaks member) is on piano and the solo saxophone is by the amazing Johnny Heinrick, our one, and only, sax man:
Need a guitar track for your at-home recorded song project? It's EZ with Guitar Tracks Online! 3 simple steps and it's a done deal. You get a produced guitar track on your song project from a Nashville Recording Studio pro session guitarist!

See details in the sidebar at your right. Then click the top "buy now" button to order your guitar track.

Why order from us?  We have proven pro quality session players, playing on a professional quality instrument through quality gear.

We create great sounding guitar tracks, appropriate to the song, played tight-to-the-click with energy and focus.

Why settle for a semi-pro?

Get the best!

Pay less get less. Pay more you'll still get less!

All sample tracks on this page were produced by Bill Watson.

"I have been blown away here at work listening to the great guitar tracks you Gentleman recorded! The acoustic track alone is a beautiful song. The playing and  trueness to my original song and top shelf recording quality are out of this world!
I can't wait to get home and drop them into "LeLawala" and dial everything up. 
Thanks again for the beautiful and comprehensive guitar recordings!"

In music,

(Brad Martin, Mount Sidney, VA)
Complete Guitar Package! Includes all guitar parts we'd normally put on a song in a Nashville studio session. Typically 3 or 4 parts (lead track, stereo bed track, acoustic rhythm, etc.)
Electric Lead Guitar Track Only:
Gut String Lead Part only:

"Hi Bill,

  "All of the musicians captured the essence of the song - up to that "grand finale" at the last beat. Banjo - fiddle - guitar parts - bass, ... everything fit.

I'm used to working with separate samples for chorus and verse - much faster when it's one sample for the complete song - and the sync was perfect too - no latency to adjust for.

Thanks! - Kim Barry, Heights, CA

(ed. note: guitar on Kim's project was Tom Wild, banjo was Aaron McDaris, Fiddle: Jenee Fleenor, Bass Guitar: Bill Watson.)

"Thanks again Bill - made a mix with your guitar track files in my old school Cool Edit Pro 2.0 software, sounded fantastic, right in the pocket as always, my co-writer loved it, he has forwarded the song on to our publisher."  Stephen Campbell, Sydney, Australia
IT'S SO EZ to add a guitar track, played by a Nashville professional, a session quality player, to your home or studio recording project, right over the Internet! Any style of music can be accommodated, these guys can play anything!

Step 1: SEND AN MP3 or .wav rough stereo mix of your project with the click  (metronome track) panned hard left and your drums, piano...whatever you have, hard right. It's possible for us to work without the click but it will be easier and much better with.

A vocal, panned low, just enough to be audible, panned opposite of the click is extremely helpful as well. 

Step 2: e-mail the MP3 or .wav mix to along with any notes.

Step 3. Remit payment to via PayPal,com



$125 per song includes:

Rhythm guitar, lead guitar and usually, a third guitar part, if appropriate to the song. The guitarist will take your suggestions on whether to use acoustic, electric, or a mix of both electric and acoustic.

Gut String? Baritone? Telecaster? Les Paul? 

Let the guitarist decide on the appropriate type of guitars to use and parts to play. OR feel free to make suggestions.


3 or more guitar songs are $99 per song.