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Harmonica Tracks Online

from Nashville Recording Studios, Nashville Trax
"Bill,  Thanks for the piano and harp tracks. I did a little editing and mixed them in with the other tracks and it sounds fantastic!"
Why order from us?  We have proven pro quality session players, playing on a professional quality instrument through quality gear, including expensive instrument-specific microphones, pre-amps and compressors.

Accordion players around the country offer tracks over the Internet. But they will likely not be professional session musicians and the results just might make you realize why cousins shouldn't marry...does Deliverance ring a bell?

Why settle for a semi-pro when a session quality player is a few clicks away?

Get the best!

Pay less get less. Pay more you'll still get less!

 *Regular rate is $95 per track, 3 song minimum. But we have songs already scheduled to record. Order NOW and the price is $95 per track with no minimum number of songs!

It's so EZ to add an harmonica track, played by a Nashville professional session quality player, to your home or studio recording project, right over the Internet!

Step 1: Make an mp3 stereo mix of your project and send it to

A vocal, panned low in the mix, just audible, is extremely helpful as well.

Step 2: e-mail the MP3 mix to along with any notes.

Step 3. Pay with the "Buy Now" button to your left. Or go to and send the $95 payment to


For $95 you'll receive one harmonica part.

Two songs, both needing accordion? Only $170.

Three or more? Only $75 each!