NASHVILLE TRAX Recording Studio

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Recording music is one thing. Mixing the individual tracks so they sound professional is another. You can hear our mixes all over this site. Want your project to sound like that? We will do it for you!
We will do a professional mix of your tracks, we will create and send an invite to a Dropbox folder you simply drag your session folder or individual tracks into. We will download your tracks, mix them, and return a stereo file to you.

The cost?

We charge major labels $800 to $1,500 per song.

If you are an independent label, indie artist or band, our prices start as low as $150 for a two hour demo mix of a small number of tracks. The mix for approximately thirty tracks averages $375 to $750 and requires between 5 to 10 hours of mix time.

All mixes include an initial test mix with the option to request additional tweaks 2 times without additional charge.

Contact us at for a quote. Include:

Type of music

Length of the song

Purpose(s)  of the mix? Multi-purpose? CD? Radio? Television? Streaming?

Do you want mastering included?

Number of instruments and total track count

Once your quote is receieved you can pay with your credit card via Pay Pal to and we will return your mix as quickly as we can. You can always e-mail us to check our progress or request the current turn around time.
"Sounds great Bill!  I will be posting it on FB later tonight.   It will be going out to radio in March.  I am going to advertise some on Bluegrass today and Singing News.  If it does well I will be contacting you about doing more!" - Mike Anderson of Madisonville, Tennessee

(in regards to Mike's single recorded, mixed and mastered at Nashville Trax titled: "He Will Set You Free". Lead vocal track recorded remotely by Mike Anderson)


Good morning Gentlemen and congratulations!! 

"I am thrilled with the final mix of 'All Lives Matter'.
We, and I do mean we, now have the opportunity to create a music video that has the potential to change a mind and save a life. I cannot begin to thank you enough for being patient with me and my requests, giving my words and thoughts life & now wings."- Gary Nowak, Anaheim, CA


"The mix of “Getting Ready" sounds great, Bill! I don’t know what else to say other than praise God!!! Extraordinary!!”- Joe Finley, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Nashville Trax mixed 18 songs for Joe Finley's album, "Country This".

He requested mix tweaks on only  a handful of the songs.

RE: "Hate Can't Beat Love: and "Every Road" mixes Joe texted: "We just listened to the new tracks and we are completely overwhelmed with emotions! All good but we both cried nonetheless. That's become standard procedure with the mixes you send over. Just love it!"