NASHVILLE TRAX Recording Studio

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Nashville Recording Studio

Nashville Trax Recording Studio is where your good music becomes great music! In fact, Nashville Trax is one of the area's best places for singers and songwriters to record. Just 15 to 20 minutes drive from Nashville's famed Music Row it offers much to consider over competeing studios. 

Located on 4 acres, at Nashville Trax parking is no problem. You won't need to worry about your car being stolen or getting panhandled on the way to the studio. You won't even need to lock your car!

The atmosphere is totally unpretentious and friendly. You won't be intimidated, it's the kind of place and the kind of people you'll feel right home with. 

We have all the right equipment to make you and your songs sound great!

We have excellent musicians who not only play great; they only work here because they're friendly and have great attitudes. You can feel as excited as you want but you'll never feel intimidated!

If you don't write songs we can find original songs for you to record from Nashville song publishers and our own archives. 

No experience? Relax, we guide you through the entire recording process.

We;re not just any Nashville recording studio, check us out and you'll likely decide we're the best choice for your project, YOUR Nashvlle recording studio!

But there's even more to make Nashville Trax stand out among Nashville Recording Studios.

There is talent available that's second to none
(see the "talent" tab)

The studio operates Pro Tools HD software, the very best recording medium on planet earth.

Nashville Trax has over $100,00 worth of software plugins for Pro Tools. You name it, we probably have it, you use it, you'll sound great!