NASHVILLE TRAX Recording Studio

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Nashville Based Recording Studio Tips

These Nashville Recording Studio tips will save you time and money.

1. Traffic in Nashville can get congested, especially between 7 to 10 a.m. and 4 to 7 p.m. Leave for the studio with plenty of time to spare!

2. Be well rehearsed and do so at home where time is costing you only time itself, not studio rates.

3. Nashville number charts are the most efficient method to communicate to session musicians exactly what you want. They are expected at a Nashville area studio session. If you have a producer they'll likely offer to write the charts. If you don't have a producer or someone with plenty of session chart writing experience, hire someone who does to do your charts well prior to the session.

4. Try not to get bogged down on a particular part if you aren't prepared to pay for it. It's easy to eat up an hour. If the guitarist, vocalist or whoever is taking a long time trying to get a difficult lick recorded, ask them to revert to the simpler version and move on. In our experience, most session players stuck in a loop of "trying to play something extraordinary" either get it rather quickly or eventually revert to something simpler they've done previously. Don't let that process waste more time than you can afford. 

5. Most recording sessions in Nashville are 4 hours long and start at either 10 a.m. or 2 p.m.

6. Tell the musicians and engineer, "First downbeat is 10 a.m." If you say instead that "the session is at 10 that's about when they'll walk in and begin setting up and tuning. You want the full number of hours.

7. If you don't regularly play on tracking sessions, don't, you'll likely have your rear handed to you by musicians far beyond your level. Add the guitar track you wish to play as an overdub, don't try to play on the rhythm tracking session.

8. Consult with the engineer to determine how long each step of the recording process- rhythm tracking, recording vocals, recording overdub instruments and mixing will take. Don't book performers too close together. If extra time presents itself between performers appointments ask the engineer to use it cleaning up the tracks (taking objectionable breathing and other noises out of the tracks, applying cross fades to punch points that have audible click noise where the punch occurred, etc.)

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