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Do You Need Cover Song Performance Tracks? Original song Performance Tracks? To record with? To perform onstage with? Drums? Bass Guitar? Drums and Keyboards? Full Band?


You or your singing friend you'd like to gift with a session are coming to Nashville area? As Low as $150 per song for pre-recorded tracks of popular covers, IN YOUR KEY, including recording your vocal, mix and master (3 song minimum)!

As low as $300 for a custom piano/vocal (or guitar/vocal) No minimum unless coming to the studio to record your vocals, then there is a 3 song minimum.

 As low as $500 for a fuller band sound, custom made! No minimum unless coming to the studio to record your vocals, then there is a 3 song minimum.

FREE QUOTE! Send your rough or name the song title and artist of your cover tune. and request a "Performance Track Quote" at

"Good God!!! This is amazingly incredible!!! This is tremendous Bill! We are in tears on our way to the beach for a romantic Valentines Day dinner. This is very special and inspiring!! Thanks to all of you guys!! Especially you Bill! You are truly something else man and we appreciate the heck out of you! God has truly blessed us with you and your studio! Whew!! I'm losing my breath! Peace- Joe Finley, Los Angeles, CA
"Kissin" © 2016 Joe Finley. All rights reserved. Published by Listen Again Music (BMI). Posted for demonstration of production values. All other uses are a violation of U.S. and International copyright law.

Players: Jim Riley, drums; Jenee Fleenor, fiddle and mandolin; Brent Mason, acoustic and electric guitars; Steve King, piano and organ. Bill Watson: bass guitar, arranged, produced and mixed.
It's Easy to perform or record with our cover tracks played by Nashville studio pro's!

Yes, Our clients make excellent money using our tracks to perform with at parties, clubs, weddings and corporate events!

Start out with just five to  fifteen full band performance tracks and use a portion of your performance income to pay for more!

How will it work out for you?

Ask Rob Piatt of Brazil, Indiana.

We just produced a performance track for Rob of his original, God's Plan (finished on 1-11-16). He received the two mixes (a full no-vocals mix, and a no-vocal mix, with acoustic guitar removed so he can play along on acoustic in alive performance situations ).

"Hi Bill,

I absolutely love it! You said you had the musicians who would knock it out of the park and they did! So who are the players getting credit for this masterpiece?

I just can't say enough but I'll try. The style is exactly what I was shooting for. It is definitely modern country. I love how you mixed it up at each break in the song with a little different fill. Fiddle was awesome. Drumming style was perfect. Oh, and is that a banjo or "simulated banjo" that I'm hearing? Cool!! (I have another song that I tried to play guitar like a banjo) The guitars, bass, acoustic and electrics, are a perfect blend for the song. You were able to keep it to what I would consider acoustic driven. Have probably missed something but hope not. SWEET!" -Rob P.iatt

Listen to this mix which has the acoustic guitar part muted out as you imagine God's Plan played through a quality p.a. system with Rob strumming away on acoustic and singing! It will sound like a live band! A GOOD live band: 

With the acoustic guitar out of the mix, Rob can sing and play acoustic himself. We can provide multiple mixes with whatever instruments you need pulled from the mix. This will allow you to offer your clients different configurations of your act. If they can only afford you singing, give them the "all in" mix. If they can afford a live drummer, give them a live drummer playing with the "drums out" mix.

The musicians who worked on the God's Plan Performance Track were:

 Tom Wellenbacher (B.J. Thomas, Mindy McCready, Brenda Lee): Lead & fill guitar, electric rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar and "plucked" guitar

Jenee Fleenor (Blake Shelton, Martina McBride): Fiddle

Jim Riley  (Rascal Flatts): Drums and Percussion

Bill Watson (Nashville Trax Producer): Bass Guitar, arrangement, mixing.

God's Plan © 2016 Robert Piatt. All rights reserved. Posted for demonstration of production values. All other uses are a violation of U.S. and International copyright law.

Country? We have Conway Twitty to Blake Shelton. Oldies Rock? Joe Walsh to Deep Purple. Motown? Diana Ross to The Jackson Five!

 We'll cut the original or cover song you need karaoke style, with the instruments you need in the key you need!

Unlike most karaoke tracks of dubious quality, usually with all parts played by one musician on a keyboard, we use a real session drummer, real bass guitar etc. for superior performance and sound.

For pricing e-mail placing "Performance Track!" in the subject area. In the body put the title of the song(s) you'd like a quote on and the artist who made it famous. 

Next up:

Uptown Funk, Bruno Mars style.

Smoke From A Distant Fire, Sanford Townsend Band style.

"Cruise" in the style of Florida-Georgia Line


Mike Anderson of Madisonville, TN received his all-instruments-in track mix on 1-22-16 (BGV's yet to be added) and had this to say:

"Awesome Bill!  Can't wait to hear the harmony!  This is going to be my new radio single!!! My last one went to #24 on the Bluegrass Charts"- Mike.

Check out what Mike has going on: "

"After receiving the mix I played it through the sound system at our church probably a dozen times. Played the piano and sang along with the track. WOW! MOVING!!! EMOTIONAL!!! I really like it! Much gratitude to Bill and all the players for a job well done!"- Rob Piatt, Brazil, IN regarding his second performance track, "Father Forgive Me".

And later:

Everything is sounding good. Rehearsed with new tracks this afternoon. Disclaimer has taken a new direction. On my solo gigs, I have decided to open with this song, using the New part with phone eq as a "talk in" introduction of myself, then kicking it in @ v2. So cool!

Until next time, take care.