NASHVILLE TRAX Recording Studio

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A Music Producer with professional musicians and a great studio to guide your project! And at reasonable rates!

Text or call: 615-855-6630



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Need A Song Produced? 

 For a custom quote, please submit your rough materials (mp3 rough) and details of your needs in terms of instrumentation and style of production, for a cost estimate to : 

Nashville Trax is the studio you need to provide turnkey music production for one or more songs including the music, the singer and background vocals.

Producer Bill Watson will handle pre-production tracking and mixing. There's no need for you to be present unless you wish to be or you are part of the talent on the recording. If you are the singer or playing an instrument then he'll guide you through the session as you sing your song. You can also bring in your own vocalist or a studio session singer can be provided. If you don't wish to travel, music-only tracks can be provided in your key.

Just in: "Thanks, the CDs have arrived, Thanks very, very much for helping fulfill my dream which seemed far off but now has become alive and near.God bless!"- Pastor J, Links
Our low rate of $75/hr. is one of the lower rates in the entire Nashville area. Engineering. Musicians are extra.

The physical location of the project studio is about 15-18 minute's drive north from Nashville's Music Row in a country setting.

  • Our Recording format, the commercial standard: Pro Tools HD2 will make your recording sound crisp, clean and professional. Nothing on the market can do for you what Pro Tools can!

  • Spacious, safe parking.. No cramming your car into a little bitty space or in a parking garage then walking several blocks carrying gear! NO. NO. NO! Like room? WE GOT YOUR ROOM!

Recording Studio Tips

"You did an awesome job producing and engineering this song Bill. We love working with you and look forward to many more songs"- Danny Thompson

Self producing but need a little help?

Get Consultation And Input From A Pro Music Producer On Your Project!

Submit your work-to-date and have Nashville Trax  producer, Bill Watson, review your project, provide feedback, replace or add needed instrumentation and possibly even mix or master your project. One song or your entire album!

 "I love it!,Bill! Extremely well done and I’ll be sending you another one soon. Thanks."- Mark Easter

Players:Jim Riley, drums; Brent Mason, guitars; Bill Watson, bass guitar, produced, mixed.

"WOW. The song is now at a whole new level. I shared it with my previous producer and he was blown away. The performances are amazing! ."- Joe Z. from Canada, regarding his song "Love Enough"

Pro Session Musicians!!!

Need An Instrument Track or or Several Tracks Added To Your Already-Started Project?

Our Trax Online service can provide specific instruments or vocals for your home recorded song that will lock right up to your project .

e-mail us:! Or find more information under the "More" tab menu, above right.

All we need is a stereo rough mix of your project in MP3 or .wav format or on CD. If you can pan all instruments and vocals right side, your click track panned left will
help the musician set the click volume to their liking and play tighter to the click but that's not mandatory, send what ya got. Like Jesus we'll meet you where you are : )

 Three song minimum per instrument on most instruments. This may be waived if you are willing to wait for an upcoming session. There is no minimum for vocals.

  •  Depending on the instrument chosen, the cost is as low as $95  per song, per instrument , most instruments and vocals are priced per project.

  • Compare with other online services charging $200 to $300 per instrument track! We''re not only cheaper, but we're located in the Music City area, widely known for superior musicianship, yes we have the talent available  you hear on #1 radio hits!

  • Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Fiddle, Mandolin, Dobro, Drums, Pedal Steel, Saxophone, Harmonica, Banjo, Vocals, Viola and More!

  • Harmony vocals.

  • Background vocals, simple to multiple multiple vocalists/stacked tracks.

  • Lead vocals

Discounts for multiple songs.

e-mail us:! Or find more information under the "More" tab menu above.

  • Drum tracks are the foundation of your project and we've got predictably great sounding drum tracks down pat. In-house Gretsch drum kit and Zildjian cymbals w/ permanent setup of high quality microphones, all in a room designed for drums.

  • Your tracks will be portable to any Pro Tools system in the world (almost all  facilities in Nashville use Pro Tools) .wav files can be imported into most other  formats as well.