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Meet Mr. Mike.  His credits? He gave us a list and wow, it might be easier to list the big names in the music biz he hasn't played for!

From Alabama, George Jones and Conway Twitty, to Neil Young, Colin Raye and Bonnie Raitt plus all points in between, Mike's list of performance and recording credits is pages long and just crazy.

Name a gospel artist, Mike's probably played for them too. Add TV show credits ranging from Hee Haw and The Grand Old Opry, both the Tomorrow Show and The Tonight Show... how can you go wrong with Mike laying pedal steel on your track?
Check out this January 28th, 2014 vid of Mike jamming with Billy Gibbons, Peter Frampton and Randy Bachman at The Musician's Hall of Fame. Billy cues Mike into a steel solo at 5:18:

Update: Unfortunately Mr. Mike passed away unexpectedly  a few weeks ago of Covid and obviously is no longer available. We have another great steel player  doing tracks you will be happy with and will update this page soon
Hi Bill,
I received the steel guitar track for "If You Only Felt" this morning and dropped it into my mix. Sounds great! Thanks again.

All the best,
Allen  Linvet 8-7-2019

Hello Bill - Thanks, and please thank Mike D. for the great pedal steel track!    Peter Cossell 8-5-2019

"Hi You should see the smile on my face right now, I absolutely love what you have done!! It’s just fantastic and fits the song like a glove. I already have a new demo ready to send for more steel, this time with a solo part as well.- Joacim, Sweden

Hi Bill,

I just uploaded the new track I received from you at Pedal Steel Guitar Tracks Online for 'I Can't Make You Love Me' It sounds great again! Big thanks to you and Mr. Mike! -Martijm Stienstra, Netherlands.


Dear Bill,
   Hope all is well and you had a great holiday, you did a track for me a while ago called Alabama rain, and for 5 months its been number one on reverberation (
So I have a real country track that could use some Pedal Steel, are you available to do some tracking?-Shane Verdi

 My name is Andrew Cromwell and this song is a co write I did with a current Australian Country artist named Cory Hargreaves. Cory will be releasing the song here in Australia as his next single but before putting the song out we would like to have some nice  strong melodic contemporary Country pedal steel parts to give it a bit of a Nashville flavor.

A few days later:

Hi Bill. Thanks for the track. It's perfect for what we needed. Please thank your steel player ( Kevin) for me. I'll most likely be back in the future for more tracks on other songs.




I've used quite a few Nashville based "session quality" pedal steel players. Many were "one time in and never again," so pitchy or they just didn't fit into the song to the point I felt the tracks were not even usable. Never once have I felt that about one of Mike's or Kevin's tracks. Never once. That's because they are awesome, my only calls these days for steel work.- Bill Watson, producer for Nashville Trax, Trax Online


Hello, I received my (steel) track and it is perfect! Thank you.! I will absolutely be continuing to use you guys as I get more songs recorded.- Jay Rodenhiser, Bellinham, MA


Hi Bill,
Got the tracks. They sit very nicely in the songs. Really sweet, no harshness, performed with feeling and very easy to EQ and sit in the mix. I'll send a link to my CD when it's finished. -Lou Simon. pianist and songwriter.


Hi Loiuse,

  Your steel track is finished. You'll get a Dropbox invite no later than this afternoon and you can download it from there. Just drag it all the way left and It will lock up tp your production automatically. The player is the great Mr Mike.

Bill Watson

Hey Bill!!

Just listened to the files and they sound Awesome!!! Thank Mike for me for playing on my track, it sounds amazing and thank you for being so great to deal with.

Kind Regards,
Louise D'Arcy
Brisbane, Australia

* All sample tracks and Trax Online projects are produced by Bill Watson.

 **Regular rate is $95 per track, Order two songs at the same time and it's $180 for both.  Order 3 or more and it's only $85 per track!
Want to get real pedal steel on your at-home recorded song project? It's EZ with Steel Guitar Tracks Online!

3 simple steps and it's a done deal.

Step 1: Make an mp3 stereo mix of your project 

Step 2: e-mail the MP3 rough mix to

Step 3. Pay via Pay (to OR with the "Buy Now" buttons below, or from the "send money" area of
**Regular rate is $95 per track, Order two songs at the same time and it's $180 for both. Order 3 or more and it's only $85 per track!
This in from a producer in Austria. (We supplied, fiddle, sax and steel guitar tracks for the album.)

Hi Bill,
The steel-guitar-tracks which I received from you last week were again perfect. Is it Mike playing? We now have all instrument-tracks for the album together - it will be released in September. Thanks again!- Herald

Hey Bill…..
Fantastic Job!……all I can say is WOW…. very clean. You guys are Pro's…. all the way.
I'll definitely be ordering more tracks- David Grosshans, Wilmington, NC

Lacking frets pedal steel guitar can be pitchy and have unstable signal levels making it difficult  to wrestle with in a mix. Without a great session quality player providing it, and playing it through professional equipment, properly processed, you may waste a lot of mix time trying to make it work and end up ditching the track completely. There are a lot of great live-band-situation steel guitar players worldwide, but the overwhelming majority simply can't play at session quality. There are only a handful of truly world class players.

Mike even brings his patented Cascade they-don't make-'em- like-this-anymore microphone to sessions here, the same microphone you've heard him play steel into on countless hits! Sweet, even, controlled... paired with one of our $2,500 Avalon mic pre-amps and a room designed for tracking, it's  just the perfect mic/preamp/room combo for pedal steel.

The sample clips are intended to demonstrate intros, playing a solo with fiddle or guitar following, fitting the pedal steel part into modern country guitar dominated music and holding his own in that denser mix. "Renegade" "Lover Let Me Go" "Lady In The Harbor" are all © 2014 by the publisher and songwriter, Used by permission. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use is a violation of U.S. and international copyright law.
"Perfect! You guys are amazing, total God-send for this!"- Steve M. & David Cowel
Mike signs "The Guitar" @ Nashville Trax. Signed by all The Nashville Trax A Team players on the "Country This" album, it is intended to be auctioned off for charity later this year.
We also do tracks for other recording studios in  the U.S. and worldwide and have never once attempted to "co-opt" a client. Studios: your secret, and your clients are safe with us!
Need dobro? Send an e-mail to Bill Watson at to arrange payment and coordinate file delivery.