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"Hi, I'm Bill Watson, the producer of the tracks on this site and engineer of most.

If you are just starting to produce your own songs or starting to produce for others, don't overlook what strings can do for your work!

Check out the two live violins played violins on this clip of "Walk With Me" written by Wayne Patterson, produced and arranged by Bill Watson, featuring our player Jenee on violins and backed by Brent Mason on guitar, Jim Riley, drums, Steve King keyboards and Bill Watson bass guitar.

A simple keyboard-generated string pad can add much. But no matter how good the keyboard is anyone with much of an ear can tell it's an attempt to fake a real string section. Yet a live-player string section of session quality players can run $1,000 to $2,000 per song just to pay the talent, let alone studio costs!

"I asked for an idea, and got the world back I am very impressed with how you were able to put my ideas into effect.In the end there were many instruments on many perfect tracks.Thank you for your commitment and your fantastic musicians!"

Markus Wegmann
Film Composer

Unless it's a major label funded project, that's too expensive. Indie artists, songwriters and record companies can't afford those lofty costs.

I've found that a mix of keyboard-generated and live strings- typically violins, often viola and cello- is a great compromise! Instead of a fake sounding "quickie string part" to fill out the sound, it actually becomes its own thing as the arrangement manifests and the parts intertwine.

I  produced the strings above as well as on the no-vocal rough mix of "The Call" in the sidebar to your right and can do something similar on strings for your song for under $300! That's under $300 total including arranging the parts, talent and studio time!

Listen as the two live violins follow the single keyboard string part, play together, double  the lead guitar part in spots, and often play counterpoint to each other.

I think you'll find it amazing.

Interested? If you need something beyond what you're hearing here, more complex or more lengthy, send your rough quick mix and request a quote on "a blend of keyboard-generated and live strings" to

If what you hear on The Call works for you, a 5 minute or less song with a keyboard pad supported by two violin and viola parts, you can order with the Pay Pal button below. Only $295 gets it done!

Our violinist, Jen, who played the string parts on The Call.

Nashville session player, Steve King (Keith Urban) on piano and the keyboard-generated string part.

         "The Call"

Rough Quick mix for client to hear the string work:
Mp3ViolinCut (
The Call Credits:

Jenee  Violins

William Ellis of Montgommery Gentry, Drums
Bill Watson, Bass Guitar
Tom Wild: B. J. Thomas, Mindy McCreedy, Brenda Lee. All guitars.

"With strings 'The Call' is like a nice warm bowl of soup,delicious! The payment to start on the next  8 songs for album #3 will arrive Monday. Thanks so much!" Wayne Patterson

The Call © 2015  Wayne Patterson and "Walk With Me" © 2018 Wayne Patterson. Posted for demonstration of production values only. Any other use is a violation of U.S. and International copyright law. Produced by Bill Watson for Nashville Trax and Wayne Patterson