NASHVILLE TRAX Recording Studio

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Video Production and Photography for Promotion of Songs, Artists and Bands!!! We can do yours!

Here is a promo video we created for the Nashville Trax sponsored band, Dads and Daughters

Once your song or album is completed, how do you promote it?

WE LIVE IN A VIDEO WORLD! You need to be there!

For as little as a few hundred dollars to more elaborate vids costing in the thousands, we can shoot video that fits your budget and will promote:

Your Band

You as an Artist

Your Song

Your Album

We can then place your video across all popular social media platforms

Here's the video we produced of the first Dads And Daughter's single:

Dads And Daughters Know (The Wedding Song)

And we produced  the Swanson's video to promote their new song "Valentine" as well as two live show videos. Here are selected scenes from that:

Valentine is a single from their new Country This Limited Edition EP, produced by Bill Watson, available at their web site. It will soon be replaced with their 12 song CD.

Nashville Trax can do a simple inexpensive vid of your song featuring just you performing, or we can produce an "MTV type" concept video with stock clips interspersed with band footage...

...You can appear in your vid or we can provide actors to lip sync and perform to your song

One camera or multiple cameras, even really cool drone shots!

Once uploaded to social media we relinquish all passwords to you.
Your music does not have to be recorded at Nashville Trax to have video produced here.

Interested? Text: "Interested in video" with details of who you are, what you want and what your purpose for the video is

Text to


Nashville Trax Photography

Still shots can, and in most cases should be part of your package:
And if you don't need video, just photography we offer pro photo shoots (Nashville area only).
Do you need to come to Nashvile? 
In most cases stock footage, actors and content you supply is enough to make an effective promo piece.

In some cases it does make more sense for you to come to Nashville for a day or two to do the shoot. The bulk of the work- the editing- can then be finished without you present, unless you wish to be,