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from Nashville Recording Studios, Nashville Trax

We Have The PERFECT Nashville demo singer for YOUR song! Lead? Got It! Harmony? We Got That! Background? Got That Too!

Why choose us? Because we have used every Nashville demo singer on our roster and know who does what best, often better than they do themselves. Our signal chain includes custom designed microphones, software and pre-amps in a configuration found nowhere else! Most importantly a qualified tracking engineer/producer will engineer and produce  your track. We WILL make your vocal track sound great! Better than most singers can achieve at home, better than most self--producers are capable of!

Tim Stevens is a pop singer, great with harmony on anything and excellent at stacking bgv's. His work is all over this site.

Ray is the guy you want for deep, powerful, convincing traditional or modern country and oldies type vocals. As long as Ray's around, no, Elvis has NOT left the buildng!

"Rengade" is © 2013 Dan Mathews "Sugar Daddy Baby" © 2008 Jon Smith
Track 1
Artist (Album)
Track 1
Artist (Album)
Or How About Bailey? Has has a great voice. Singing deep he sounds similar to Chris Young:
Sober Saturday Night (FINAL MC
I Drove Her There (MCV_Hoge_Ro
Jason is your guy for modern country and blues. Great with harmony and bgv's! He's all over our site and client's LOVE his work! Check him out on "Fight The Good Fight"  © 2014 Rutlegde/Ryan  "Man In The Distance" © 2014 K. Wood and "Tears In Red White and Blue"  © 2014 Winston Harold which also features Jenee singing with Jason.
Abigail has a vocal skill set that ranges from Americana to country to soulful. Great at harmony too!

Jenee is great with harmony and/or lead vocals, especially on traditional country, and bluegrass. Good at stacking bgv's. She can also add fiddle, mando or both.

"In a word awesome.  To think I was so afraid to share this little song because it was too "simple".  I'm certainly glad I did!  It will be my next single to radio. Fantastic job by all.  Jenee and I blend so well together, maybe we need to cut a record lol!  Her harmony sounds great-Mike Anderson, Madison, TN

Santa Fe" is © 2014 Charles Kellard

"Come on and take a FREE RIDE!" Sam does an excellent version of that classic rock tune in her live show, the girl rocks.. But she can sound butter biscuit country as you want as well. When you need a totally pro female rock or country vocal she's highly recommended.

Waitin On A Train FINAL
One More Memory Mastered
These are just a few of over 40 vocalists on our roster, most of whom are interested in doing Tracks Online projects!
Don't let her Valley Girl demeanor fool you. Brittany is smart, quick and all over pop, rock, blues and zydeco singing with her unique style. She is especially good with harmonies and stacked vocal tracks, like totally for sure.

 "Alive" is © Winston Harold. "Gone" is  © 2014 Michael Jackson (probably not the MJ you're
thinking of).
Jennifer is THE female country singer  Trax Online recommends for powerhouse modern as well as traditional country. A Jo Dee Messina type sound is what you're seeking? Jen will channe! Jo Dee! She'll also dial in exactly as much twang as a song needs or none at all. If you want pop country it's right up her alley. She does top 40 pop music very well also. 

Check out her huge, expressive voice on "Midnight and The Moon © 2014 Wayne Lewis
Midnight and the Moon

All songs on this page are copyrighted by the songwriters and, in some cases are signed to music publishers or published. They are presented here to demonstrate talent and/or production values. No other use is authorized. Violators are subject to prosecution under U.S. and International copyright laws.

Brandon was recently on The Voice with Blake Shelton, has moved to Nashville and is cutting his first album. He was named Seventeen Magazine's "Crush Of The Week". This may be your chance to catch a rising star IF his voice is the best fit with your song.

It's EZ to get a quality vocalist on your self-produced project. Just send us a rough stereo mix.  Most of our vocalists have extremely wide ranges and can make any key work, but the best result is achieved when the key is set prior to recording. For rates and details e-mail us at:

Pro vocalist's session fees vary widely, Starting as low as $80 per song and rising to as much as $350 per song, therefore, each vocal project is custom bid according to the singer's fee.

Suggested vocalist(s) as well as pricing and payment options will then be provided.

Jennifer has a sensational, unique voice suitable for rock, blues, pop, even some country, you name it. Janis Joplin comes to mind but Jen is still her own thing. Her huge range lets her fit into any key and her voice cuts through a mix like butter making mixing a breeze. If you have already recorded a track and the singer you thought would work isn't? Let Jennifer fix it to sound even better than you originally imagined! Listen to this clip of Jen on Found The Truth © 2014 Winston Harold
Found the Trut”

And here's Jennifer on "But For One Day © 2014 Vince Taylor

I've received the files. Once again Jennifer's vocals are very good and up to her usual standard of excellence."-Richard Laljie, United Kingdom

Bill Watson has your bluesy/blue eyed soul/ rock or country song needing a mid-range male vocal covered. Think Michael McDonald, Don Henley Hall & Oates or a bit grittier a la Manfred Mann's Earth Band  or J.Geils Band   Anything in that vein, he'll deliver. His fee usually includes harmony/bgv's. Check him out below on the three piece Alright, Bye Bye and The Cowboy Way © 2006 The B. E. Watson Band:
Track 4
Artist (Album)
"Both of Bill's lead vocal tracks you did for me sound great (All I Want To Do Is Play (With You!) / aka Grover's Tune © 2016 / G O 4 Publishing BMI).

I'll definitely use you guys again! I have a couple new songs he'd great for. Along with Bill again I believe I'll be needing sax and pedal steel coming up soon too. "-Producer Randy Raatz, Chicago, IL
Kassie will bring some dynamics, attitude and finesse to your country, soul or blues tune! Listen to her sing Mama's Pearls and Girl With A Gun!  Hey Jack it;s like this: You'd best get out of her way and let this girl sing!
mamas pearls 2
Girl With A Gun
Kassie (Kassie )
Found the Truth w Kassie
* We produced two versions of "Found The Truth" for the songwriting team Winston Harold. Kassie's and Jennifer's, posted below Jenn's photo.